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Home Renovation in Edmonton

Home Renovation in Edmonton

Looking for home renovation in Edmonton? Renovating your home can be an exhilarating experience. This is where you get to remodel your home and change its character to your specific taste. We are well-experienced in all types of home renovations, no matter how big or small.


We know how difficult a renovation can be with trades coming in and out of your home and certain areas being demolished and rebuilt. This is why we plan your project out efficiently to ensure you experience the least amount of inconvenience as possible. We understand that you have a certain level of privacy in your home that you wish to maintain. Renovating your home doesn’t have to strip you of this privacy. At LUX, we are sensitive to our client’s needs and do our best to ensure a comfortable renovation process.


Our references will tell you that our employees and trades are respectful and aware of giving the homeowner a proper level of privacy. We provide you with detailed plans of what area of your home we will be working in and when you can re-occupy that space. This will give you the confidence to go about your daily routines. 


Whether you want a simple bathroom or kitchen renovation, a full home renovation or to build a new addition, LUX has you covered. Our selection of high-quality materials, innovative ideas and quality building methods will make you enjoy the entire renovation process. We aim to provide you with peace of mind from start to finish. The possibilities for a home renovation are truly endless, and we strive to bring your vision into a practical reality.

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